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Session, Moderator, AND Deacon's Journals

Session, Moderator, AND Deacon's Journals

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A journal for your session to use throughout the year, AND a journal for you! Included in these pages you'll find a pre-meeting checklist, a monthly agenda, a space to doodle and process, and reminders for what's ahead. Each member of your session will have their own journal on hand to take notes and keep up, enhancing their experience and offering them opportunities to contribute. The moderator's journal has questions for your own personal reflection, a space to check-in on what's ahead, and even asks if you've taken/planned all your vacation. 

AND - a journal just for the deacons! This one includes prayer list, pastoral needs, opportunities to provide rest for themselves and the pastor, and more!

In addition, you'll also receive 9 Book of Order education guides to go along with the agendas. 

You may print these journals as many times as you need for your session/diaconate. It is only for your church.


We recommend printing front and back and placing in a 3-ring binder. 

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